Thank you for your interest in Bygracealone. We will do our best to meet, and aim to surpass, your expectations of this special and memorable event. We offer you a comprehensive package amongst the best in the RSA.

When visiting Bygracealone, you’ll be shown a few unique and distinguishing qualities that set this venue apart from all the rest. This venue is part of [maintaining] our ministry as will be clear when clicking on the blue book on the right. This will link to www.gospel-truth.co.za.

NOTE. If you’re not one for lengthy text, then skip the following discussion and go straight to THE COST further on. Simply fill in your figures into our cost calculator to see what you can budget for within a R5000 bracket. The detailed quote will be given after an interview on site. A list of all that is included in this comprehensive package then follows your bottom-line price.

For those wanting to know more, and because excellence and generosity is our aim, we offer some back-ground regarding costs to those not so familiar with the industry. This will help to explain the cost structure at Bygracealone as well.

Important aspects to consider in [comparing] venue cost

It is all too easy in this industry to make the costly mistake of not realizing how much additional costs might still be hidden at venues. Often lower rates sound like a better deal, but beware! This might in fact turn out to have been misleading and more costly by the time you reach the “bottom line”. We offer a package closer to the “bottom line” than most other venues. Catering, for instance, that seems to offer the same might in fact offer far less in quantity and/or standard. If you consider the importance of your wedding reception that has to top all other gatherings in your personal life, it would be sensible to make the extra effort to read through the following…

Bygracealone avoid the “smoke and mirrors” (even “hook and reel” tactics) and offer a genuine comprehensive and transparent virtually all-inclusive wedding package that eliminates hidden requirements, especially for decorating that otherwise could typically amount to several thousands. Items such as candelabra, candles, a sound technician, personnel, table wines, printed menus, and other smaller items; are usually still excluded from most venues’ “standard” packages and will cost an unsuspecting client much more than what the listed prices initially insinuated. This could double or triple the “venue hire”! At Bygracealone, your whole wedding could be done for what you would pay for just a venue at some places in the major cities or vine lands!

Consider, for example, our discussion later in this section on draping in halls. For you to would have draped a hall this size could cost you more than what we ask for our venue hire! This then is, at the very least, already a considerable saving by using Bygracealone. Another example is the commission (usually 10-15%) that many venues ask the vendors such as florists and photographers that will ultimately correspondingly increase your rates for those services, even if you deal with those vendors directly. Bygracealone does not charge anyone commission. We offer some assistance regarding factors such as these when making your choice of venue in the annexure at the end of this section. This is based on our experience of more than 200 weddings in our first six years of operation. We also offer a program that assists in making your dream day perfect, extending our service beyond the norm. We as the owners are personally hands-on with every function here, from start to finish, because we really care for your event’s success!
Please feel free to contact us at any time or visit by appointment, consultations are always free of charge. Neither do we charge for rehearsals the day before.

The distinguished ambiance, the unique castle atmosphere, splendid character and beautiful views is such that the theme is already set for your guests to enjoy themselves and really feel lavished upon in a tranquil surrounding with no road traffic noise, adjacent halls, or other people infringing on your event [sharing a bar, restrooms, food hall, or parking]. The estate is exclusively reserved for one function at a time, with at least the day before- and after your function available for your stress-free preparation and clearing of any returnable goods that you might have afterwards. Basically, we rush no client in- or out Bygracealone. Neither is this venue squashed in somewhere and therefore gives a true tranquil, spacious and rustic, but posh experience and feature great gardens and superlative views with good options for photographers on rainy days to still capture grand backdrops in your wedding pictures.

You just have to see this venue first hand – and talk to us – to ultimately form your own opinion. You’ll realize the value once you have priced other venues; especially those above the average (see the criteria at the end of this section). You’re likely to discover that Bygracealone is a gem.

Following, the baseline aspects from which our agreement for your function can be reached.

Note that our cost is based on a comprehensive package adjusted proportionately for the size of your group. For this we need a formula. For your convenience and simplicity, this formula is incorporated in a calculator that will work out the cost for your function so that you can have an approximate rate for initial budgeting purposes. The next step is to make an appointment to see the venue first hand and discuss the detail – you’ll most likely be very pleasantly surprised…

Simply feed the appropriate figures into the boxes of the calculator below and your total package cost will be displayed automatically.

Notes regarding children (Please also refer to the separate paragraph discussing children)

  • Children seated at the main tables (with adults) use the same space, items and service as adults
  • Children aged 12 and older are hence counted with adult pax for costing purposes
  • Children younger than 12 eat (theoretically) proportionally less than adult pax, so a special table is suggested for children that can be set in the adjacent open lounge area for economical and practical reasons. This table can seat ten children at most and will be at a nominal cost. This will be discussed in detail in the interview.

Be assured of our consistent dedication and good intention to help you have a truly wonderfully memorable and magnificent event. We will give our best to excel and be honest, transparent and fair in all our dealings with you and thus welcome your feedback, suggestions and also your mutual open and reasonable conduct towards us.

The following are our terms and conditions for functions held at Bygracealone

  1. Bygracealone reserve the right to adjust our price proportionate to major general price increases without prior notice. The intent of this is only to keep up with general rising costs and not to increase our profit margin. We have a final agreement that can be signed that is entitled “Final Appointment”. This document is discussed in the paragraph entitled ‘Final Agreement’.
  2. It is the responsibility of the client to stay in touch with Bygracealone and to check on any possible price increases as published on bygracealone.co.za, i.e. the client must make periodic telephone calls (at least three-monthly) or correspond periodically per e-mail with Bygracealone as many other circumstances or factors can also influence or effect a booking made long in advance…
  3. No “same gender marriages” at Bygracealone. Please see and respect our conviction as expanded on in our ministry (gospel-truth.co.za, specifically the paper entitled “Homosexuality”) that links from www.bygracealone.co.za via the blue banner on the main page. We will not be an accomplice to what is against the Word of God. No law can override the Word [precepts] of God, neither can ignorance. It is entirely unnecessary to look for conflict, such as insisting to hold a Jewish feast at a Muslim mosque…
  4. Bygracealone has a standard for catering and service which will not be lowered.
  5. All clients with catering requirements are to use the catering provided by No outside catering is allowed. Please read the paragraph entitled ‘Catering’.
  6. No person other than the owners, unless by the owners express consent, may bring any liquor onto Bygracealone premises or consume alcohol on the premises not obtained from Bygrcacealone’s cash bar. Any person caught trespassing this rule will be asked to immediately cease this misuse or leave the premises. No arguments about this will be tolerated and the owner’s decision will be final in this regard.
  7. No more than 10 children per function. The children’s parents attending, must arrange and pay for their own babysitter(s) or adult(s) attending to the children. These extra supervisors will be charged R150 for meals consumed at Bygracealone. Please read the paragraph regarding children attending functions at Byracealone. You are welcome to discuss this with us in person.
  8. Load shedding by ESKOM is no threat. A standby 60 Kva generator is always available to supply sufficient electricity for the venue included in our package as part of our service.
  9. Item extras in the venue is available at no extra charge, conversely is non-use of any item(s) not deductable. Fees might be applicable for removal/storage/replacement [handling/damage] of items.
  10. All functions have to be individually discussed. Extras/changes required by the client must be discussed with us in good time. Functions are individually considered, calculated, and accordingly invoiced at our best rates after an interview on site by appointment.
  11. Bygracealone provide long tables set as indicated in the section entitled “Venue”. All extra decorations and additional trimmings are for the clients own cost, responsibility and arrangement.
  12. If extra personnel are required, Bygracealone must be so informed in advance.
  13. Please use daylight hours for preperation of your venue (the day prior to your function).
  14. Public holidays can affect costs/arrangements and must be discussed with Bygracealone in good time.
  15. No client or any other person present on behalf of or at the behest of the client whatsoever before- during- or after any functions can lay claim to any leftover food at Bygracealone. No food or liquor is to be removed from the premises of Bygracealone without our express approval and terms & conditions. Bygracealone reserves the right to do with all food left-over as the owners wish.
  16. The following are not allowed at Bygracealone:
    • Same gender (homosexual) marriages. Please see our ministry gospel-truth.co.za
    • Paper confetti, down, or anything else that can spoil the environment/is difficult to clean
    • The removal or re-arrangement of any existing décor in the venue
    • The hanging of draping or anything else from any structure in the venue
    • Fireworks, star lights, Chinese lanterns, any fire hazard, or potentially damaging substance to property, either at Bygracealone or the neighbours of
    • Smoking anywhere inside the buildings or in the immediate entrances/exits of the venue.
    • Indecent or unacceptable/vulgar behaviour as determined by the owners of Bygracealone.
    • Banging on tables during speeches/toasts or the spinning of plates or under-plates on the floor, or standing/jumping on any of the chairs or tables. Damage to any item will be for payment by the responsible person as determined by the owners of Bygracealone.
    • Adding firewood to our lit fireplaces by guests.  This is the personnel’s task (the fire-/flute volume is critical and we know when the fireplaces will begin to bellow smoke into the hall)
  17. The bridal suite is not to be re-decorated nor are amenities therein such as slippers, towels, soaps, creams, and so on, that are intended for the bridal pair, to be used by agents/friends/family.
  18. The bridal suite is out of bounds for “pranksters”. No “sabotaging” of the suite will be tolerated.
  19. The bridal suite is a no smoking area, as is every room at Bygracealone and its immediate entrance.
  20. Any decorator/florist/crew is to kindly remove their own debris after setting up, from this estate
  21. Candles must be the drip-free type, so that no wax drips on cutlery, glassware, tablecloths, etc.
  22. Bygracealone does not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damages or injuries of clients or their guests, clients, service providers, or any other person present on behalf of or at the behest of the client whatsoever during functions or preparation or clean-up times that the client or anyone mentioned above, spends on any part of the Bygracealone All attendance or visitation at Bygracealone is entirely at the client and/or guests or other persons own risk. The client indemnifies the owner in regard to any such claim for damage or loss.
  23. The client is liable for any damage to the Venue, décor, equipment or gardens or removal of any item thereof by the client or any of the client’s agents, guests, or suppliers, or any person mentioned above, and the client will be billed accordingly.
  24. No persons are allowed in the dams on the Bygracealone estate, and the client is responsible for sufficient supervision of anyone associated with them or their function in whatever way during preparation, breakdown or clean up before/after the event or during the event itself. Bygracealone, or any of its employees will not be held responsible for any loss-, or injury to, or drowning of any persons in any way whatsoever.
  25. Bygracealone reserves the right to deny anyone misbehaving or intoxicated access or continued access to the premises.
  26. Any result such as road accidents, or any injury, etc. as a result of intoxication in whatever way, is the sole responsibility of the person buying liquor from Bygracealone. Bygracealone assumes no responsibility in any way/shape/form for anyone buying/using any alcoholic beverages.
  27. Flowers that are done by Bygracealon, must be discussed in person in good time. Cost might be influenced acccording to availability of the requested flowers at the function date. Certain days and events also effect prices and needs special discussion/provision for it will effect the cost accordingly.
This is to help answer the question whether the intended venue hire, excluding catering, is reasonably priced for your budget and whether you – and the venue owner, both – are realistic in your expectation of this hiring rate. Bear in mind that it’s perhaps unreasonable to claim that a venue is expensive if you’re prepared to spend more on non-essential peripherals such as the wedding cake, flowers and decorations while ignoring what capital, risk, cost and effort went into bringing the venue about in the first place and to maintain it properly.

We trust that it’s a useful aid. It lists aspects to consider in an industry where one could often be misled/confused.

Description/criteria Y N

Was the venue designed and purpose-built as a venue or was it an afterthought/conversion?
Is it a wedding venue? Am I comparing apples with apples? Will we really be private?
Is the reception area in a decent hall? Consider also the ambiance, acoustics, view from within

The location – consider adjacent roads, dust, noise, views, smells, flies (animals), exclusivity…

How special/treated will your guests feel attending a function there? How special – really?

Where do guests loiter while the bridal photo session is in progress? (For 2-3 hours)?

Are the vehicles parked right in front (in full view) of your reception hall?

What do ex-clients say? Is any voluntary positive word-of-mouth advertising abounding?

Ask people such as photographers – they see many places and know attitudes as well!

Is there alternative arrangements available for rainy/unpleasant days and power-outages?
Is there a dance floor or must it be hired extra [be set-up for the reception]? What size?
Do the clients have to improve the aesthetics at their cost (Is draping necessary)? How much?
Is there a lounge area?   A separate room, without isolating the guests that want to converse?
Is the “chapel” a mere gazebo where only the preacher fits under, and perhaps the bride & groom?
How photogenic is the gardens/venue? Is there a rainy day alternative for decent pictures?
Does your florist, photographer, etc. have to pay your venue commission? This cost you more.

Are you accurately comparing the catering? This one needs careful and honest considerations.

Do they use fresh produce or mass catering supplied products (tinned/frozen foods)?

Do they serve generous portions? (Have they ever run out of food? Check with ex-clients?)

A plated 3-course meal actually means the guests have no choice in what and how much they eat.

Where is the bar located (Where will the men be)? Is it licensed, well stocked (selection), how are glasses cleaned and rotated, is there enough [clean] ice, etc?
Are there pleasing and sufficient toilet facilities? (Also soap, hand lotion, towels, type toilet paper)
What cooling facilities are there for our wines, fruit juices, cakes, etc.?
What uniform do the personnel wear for functions?   (Is personnel professionally trained?)
Is accommodation available at the premises or sufficiently nearby (standard, facilities, etc.)?
How spacious and luxurious is the bridal room/suite?   Who caters for bridal party snacks/drinks?

Note. There could be less obvious input/maintenance costs at some places such as special electrical water pumps, filtered reservoir systems, costly Eskom power supply, higher transport costs, etc. See what a tent costs – and remember to see and consider any make-shift restroom facilities, catering deficiencies, etc. Be sure to compare “apples with apples”… Take care to consider “bottom line” with “bottom line” with all – the same – items hired in and rentals included! One must also be fair and consider what it cost the owners to get that facility there and to maintain it. There are certainly categories to be aware of.

May you find your dream venue for your dream event. Peace, wisdom and joy to you!

For hiring of different chairs, tables, tablecloths, crockery, cutlery, etc. than what is offered by Bygracealone, the client must advise Bygracealone and those items will then be for the client’s payment and responsibility. Any special preferences are to be discussed well in advance. A handling fee of R 1 000 will be charged for our removal, storage, and replacement of the Bygracealone tables and chairs if the client does not want to use ours.

We will attempt to comply with your needs as far as possible and want you all to enjoy a wonderful feast and therefore encourage free/open discussions.

Bygracealone respects the preferences of our clients, but it seems that some choices are based on somewhat stale traditions in the industry rather than practicality. We want to offer the following comment on the hiring of round tables, based on having successfully hosted/observed over 200 events and functions here.

  • With round tables, one third of your guests are seated with their backs to the head table
  • Round tables scatter a party into small groups and might be applicable to a prize-giving ceremony where different companies are present; but not a family feast. Long tables are conducive to a festive coherence. This is why you, in a restaurant for example, are seated at one long table!
  • Round tables take up more floor space (reduce the dance area).
  • Round tables are ergonomically far less practical than parallel long tables. Loose (round) tables cause annoying back-to back bumping for guests getting in-/out and difficult service for waiters.
  • So far, all round tables hired in were wobbly; it’s a poor impression and unfairly reflects on Bygracealone.
  • The wider round seating makes cross-conversations a nuisance, especially with loud music
  • Round tables have to be individually dressed. Long tables need less candelabra and flowers and still look elegant and classy. Long tables certainly lend towards a fresh, superior and regal appearance.
  • Round tables need special tablecloths to be hired in – is this additional expenditure really a necessity?
  • Long tables are usually the norm at formal royal-/diplomatic-/military events and conferences.

Our long tables are included in the package. We charge no extra fees for using any of our items such as candleholders, podium, display board for seating plans, etc. Conversely, we deduct no amount for non-use of these items. There might be, however, a handling fee if we have to make place for other tables or items hired in.

A decent sound system is installed that is more than sufficient with the excellent acoustics in our reception hall. Speakers on stands and a DJ amongst the guests are, in our opinion, untidy and improper for a stylish event such as your wedding and reception. Such an arrangement typically results in less than ideal sound production with uneven/excessive noise to the guests seated closest to the speakers. With us the sound system is built-in and a sound technician is included in your package. He sits on a balcony in the back of the hall. No outside DJ is allowed, sorry. Musicians and orchestras are allowed but have to be discussed.

The sound technician is included in our packages and paid by us. However, you meet our sound technician at a convenient time as soon as possible to discuss your choice of music and special arrangements with him. He will honour your requests for music and/or special effects as far as possible.

Bygracealone offers a superb seven-course catering that is adjusted for each customer, taking vegetarians or vegans into consideration. Basically, it’s good home cooking with flair and fresh produce with delectable individual taste. We offer an exceptional service. Foreign foods would take us out of this area of expertise. New patrons can rest assured that we have only had excellent feed-back thus far on our catering for more than 25 000 happy customers and guests in six and a half years. You too are likely to be flooded with compliments from your guests!

The pre-drinks, canapés, starters and desserts are served by our white-gloved waiters who conscientiously attend to their assigned tables. The main course is a scrumptious and very liberal buffet. We believe a buffet [the main course] should reflect generosity and hospitality with flamboyant style and elegance and that it fits in well with a family fair or feast. Guests should have a choice as to what and how much to eat. This a “plated three course meal” cannot offer. We consider this our pride and specialty. Fresh coffee, tea and a cheese platter with preserves are available after dinner. Clean cutlery and plates are provided for all subsequent buffet helpings. The waiters keep the tables clean and tidy throughout the evening.

An alternative for a wedding cake is on offer to save you this unnecessary [superfelous] cost! We offer a small cutting-cake and elegant cupcakes as an economical, yet stylish and practical alternative. This is discussed during your interview when viewing Bygracealone per appointment (here is a surprise as well).

Crew must be considered in the costing and planning for catering requirements. Crew meals cost R150pp.

Minors. Catering alone is pro rata cheaper for children between 4 and 12 years of age, the other items hired in – and the service extended and space /items used – are exactly the same as for adults, especially when these minors are seated at the main guest tables. Meals for ages 12 and older are the same as for adults. A special children’s table for ten maximum, can be set in the adjacent open lounge area at a nominal price. Please discuss this with us when viewing the venue and when finalizing the menu.

Halaal or Kosher. Bygracealone does not do [prepare] Halaal or Kosher meals, but can purchase such [portions of] foods from outside caterers for such meals at our discretion – this needs to be discussed as there is a reasonable limit to the quantity and extend of such meals.

All special dietary requirements and allergies must be made known to Bygracealone at least fourteen days prior to the event. We will endeavour to comply with special requests but want to point out that one advantage of a decent buffet style main course is that it offers guests sufficient options, such as the size of the meal portions as well as the type of food per plate that each individual prefers – but all within reason.

Menu examples are available. The client’s personal choice is to be discussed and can be signed for in the final appointment. We will do our best to exceed your requirements. Naturally, more expensive food types or special requests affect the cost proportionally. Availability of certain items is obvious/self-explanatory.

At Bygracealone we save you this embarrassment. It is our conviction that draping is an outdated and poor attempt to cover-up dull halls and cheap industrial roofs or unattractive ceilings. In some instances it is just another way to get more money for renting yet another preposterously clichéd item. It is perceptibly superfluous on the walls and ceiling of a truly tasteful venue fit for your wedding day. It should be a shame to affront guests with this old-fashioned and insipid idea of décor when they could be enthralled by properly themed architecture and a truly charming, smart and chic ambiance.

Bygracealone will supply the necessary personnel or staff, included in the package.

Note. Maximum shift duration is eight hours. Overtime rates apply as per terms & conditions.

All tables, chairs, tablecloths and items affecting the setting of the tables that is hired in by the client, must be available to/at Bygracealone by prior arrangement with the owners/management of Bygracealone.

An overtime rate of R500 per half hour or any part thereof will be levied either eight hours after the commencement of the function, or at 00:30 whichever occurs first and will be billed to the client. This is to consider the neighbours that gave their consent for our venue, and for the personnel overtime. But, discuss this with us. We are reasonable. This might anyway not be necessary with a properly managed reception.

No provisional (“pencil”) bookings, please. There is no time limit for bookings made in advance. The first soonest payment of the R 20 000 will reserve the venue exclusively for that date for your use, not words of intent. Note however, that as far as the total quote [final cost] is concerned, that Bygracealone reserves the right to keep up with the general cost increases annually, up to the signing of the final appointment paper; and that we can delay the final total quote for the cost of your function – for your advantage – to no later than 7 days before the function. We will at all times be reasonable, and trust our clients to understand this and return this privilege.

Note. We expect and request our clients to stay in touch with us as mentioned below under Terms & Conditions.

At least 90 Days before the function, but as soon as you want Bygracealone reserved

  • The deposit of R20 000 is to be paid. This payment books the venue for the function.

8 Days before the function

–    Guest numbers to be finalized within the minimum and
maximum as per “venue capacity”.

  • Menus are to be confirmed, especially special dietary requirements [such as allergies], and children.
  • Finalize all special requests. The client and Bygracealone will sign a final appointment paper at the latest seven days prior to the function/event date, if so requested by the client, but at any earlier meeting as soon as it is agreed upon by both parties. We honour our word, and regard this formality [as a legal protection] superfluous, but have such documents in place and will sign it if so requested.

Five working days prior to the function

–   The final payment for the full account must show on Bygracealone’s bank statement, please.

–   Finalize bar/drinks requirements and mention if opting for a pre-paid bar and the amount.

Note. The full and final payment of the final invoice needs to be made to Bygracealone no later than five working days prior to the function. Clients are to please consider/respect this when holidays are involved.

No more than ten children per function are allowed. It is not unreasonable to make the appropriate arrangements in this regard for the duration of the parent’s attendance at Bygracealone. Those parents who want their children to attend, must arrange and pay for their own adult babysitter(s). The meal(s) required for these supervisors will be R150 (each).

The bridal suite is out of bounds for any children.

Any damage caused by children to Bygracealone or any fittings or features of Bygracealone, will be for their parent’s account to repair/replace without argument.

Bygracealone or its owners/managers/personnel is not responsible for the wellbeing or safety of any children visiting Bygracealone before/during/after any function in any way, shape or form.

This can be discussed during the personal interview when viewing Bygracealone Venue…

Rescheduling or cancelling your function date with Bygracealone subsequent to the venue being paid/booked needs to be in writing [e-mail]. We will refund you the entire amount paid if Bygracealone can regenerate the sales budgeted for your venue at the booked time. Special circumstances will be considered on their merit.

We will be reasonable.

In the event of non-payment of the fees within the specified time, Bygracealone is entitled to cancel the booking, in which case no refunds will be made without any liability towards the party that broke the booking.

Should the client reduce the number of guests that was agreed to by more than 6 guests, within a week of the event, the client will still be charged the originally agreed/paid amount. No refunds will be made by Bygracealone in any way/shape/form for guests who did not show up. Attendance greater than the agreed figure, will be charged the proportionate rate, if they can be accommodated at all – i.e. if places can be set and prepared prior to the function. Bygracealone reserves the right to deny access to unexpected/unreserved guests.

Bygracealone is entitled to cancel any booking without any liability if Bygracealone becomes unable to host the booked function due to anything whatsoever outside of the control of Bygracealone. In these circumstances Bygracealone will endeavour to find an alternative venue for its client.

We will at all cost be reasonable and fair and trust our clients to demonstrate/reciprocate the same courtesy.

All final agreements can be in writing on a signed “Final Appointment” paper, if so requested.

The reason why Bygracealone wish to delay this final and signed agreement – if it is signed at all – is based on James 4:13-17 and Matthew 7:12. We don’t want to place the client in an unfavourable position of having to pay for guests that have not pitched up or for a wedding that is not happening as planned. If the client, however, insists on signing this paper long in advance the client will, for instance, be forced to stick to the number of guests and all other requirements [only] that the client stipulates at that time of signing the Final Appointment. We have proven over the past five years that our word is our honour and that we like giving more than what was expected.

Be assured that Bygracealone will at all costs be reasonable, honest, transparent and fair in our business dealings and will never try to force any unrealistic or non-market related price increases. We will only increase our prices/rates if our costs increase and the increase will be the real increase in cost, not a higher profit margin.

It is important that all clients who have paid the deposit long in advance, stay in contact with Bygracealone, at least by checking the website and/or e-mailing us every three months or so or if a major regional or national event has the possibility of effecting our package or service in any way (for example natural disasters or big general economic changes).

We hold clients responsible to check for changes in costs and also to inform us of changes with regards to their contact details. We also expect to be advised as soon as possible of any likelihood that a client will not be able to comply with our agreements anymore. We will be reasonable and discreet with any sensitive information.