Thank you for your interest in Bygracealone. We will do our best to meet, and aim to surpass, your expectations of this special and memorable event. We offer you a comprehensive package amongst the best in the RSA.

When visiting Bygracealone, you’ll be shown a few unique and distinguishing qualities that set this venue apart from all the rest. This venue is part of [maintaining] our ministry as will be clear when clicking on the blue book on the right. This will link to www.gospel-truth.co.za.

NOTE. If you’re not one for lengthy text, then skip the following discussion and go straight to THE COST further on. Simply fill in your figures into our cost calculator to see what you can budget for within a R5000 bracket. The detailed quote will be given after an interview on site. A list of all that is included in this comprehensive package then follows your bottom-line price.

For those wanting to know more, and because excellence and generosity is our aim, we offer some back-ground regarding costs to those not so familiar with the industry. This will help to explain the cost structure at Bygracealone as well.