Royal Catering Facilities


Menu Options

CateringBygracealone offers a superb buffet in the catering department that is personalized for each customer. Basically, it is good home cooking.

The pre-drinks, canapés, starters and desserts are served. Menu examples are available, but the client´s personal choice is to be discussed and can be signed for in the final appointment. We will do our best to exceed your requirements. Naturally, more expensive food types or special requests affect the cost proportionally. Availability of certain items is obvious/self-explanatory.

Bygracealone does not do Halaal or Kosher meals. All special dietary requirements and allergies must be made known to Bygracealone at least fourteen days prior to the event.

We will endeavor to comply with special requests but want to point out that one advantage of a decent buffet style main course is that it offers guests sufficient options, such as to vegetarians and the size of the meal portions each individual prefers. A buffet [main course] should reflect generosity and hospitality with style and elegance and fits in well with a family fair or feast. We would like to think this is our pride and specialty.

Bar Services

Bygracealone offers a fully licensed, well-stocked, and very reasonably priced cash bar. Clients must communicate their requirements and requests for their function a week in advance.

Clients may not bring spirits, beers, or soft drinks on to the premises. A Cork-fee of R30 per bottle of wine will be charged on wines not supplied by Bygracealone. Discuss this with us, we are reasonable.

Bygracealone reserves the right to deny alcoholic beverages to clients/guests who have shown themselves to be intoxicated or misbehaved as determined by the judgment of the owners of Bygracealone. Anyone abusing goodwill/decency will be asked to behave or leave the premises.


Bygracealone will supply the necessary personnel or staff, included in the package.

Note: Maximum shift duration is eight hours. Overtime rates apply as per Rates, terms, conditions.