About us


FamilyBygracealone is a 26 ha estate under development with a wedding venue by Jannie & Martiana Jacobs, happily married since the 26th October 1985. The Venue came about by, what we believe to be a supernatural set of circumstances. Anyone interested to read more detail about this process of acquisition, can ask for it in person or by e-mail to jannie@bygracealone.co.za.

After resigning SAA and 30 years as a pilot in 2005, Jannie built the house with no job and no idea as to income. Not knowing what to do with the land, we asked God for insight (Js 1:5). Soon brides started appearing asking to have their photographs taken at our entrance and at our house. One talked us into getting married in our house! One of her guests then also wanted to be married here. This was when Jannie said to Martiana, “Perhaps we should not be deaf and blind… let’s built a wedding venue…” They made a list of all the things they could think of that they have found generally not to work well at venues. And so Bygracealone was born. Note, however, it is named Bygracealone, not by greed alone…

We, therefore, see this estate as a gift of God and is where this ministry is operating from.  The ministry is found by clicking on the blue book icon that links to www.gospel-truth.co.za. All you find on there are for free (Mt 10:8a). The venue help pay our needs, thank you all the same.

The wedding idea is of God3. A marriage is our Triune God’s prophetic image of Christ as the Bridegroom and us as His bride, His church, His temple, His Zion, His stars, His city in Whom He dwells continually and habitually [for those in Christ]. Marriage is clearly meant by God for one man with one woman as long as they shall live. This is Scriptural, and so what we believe.

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